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When to Have the Roof Repaired

Although the roof is the most essential component of the house for safety and protection the elements, it is often the most neglected part. Homeowners typically do not give it a second thought until something major happens. Waiting until that point may prove to be labor intensive and expensive. It is better to make minor repairs than wait too long.

Other Reasons for Minor Repairs
In addition to saving money, contacting an Arvada Roofing Contractor for minor repairs will prevent further damage to the roof, attic, insulation, and beams. Sealing a crack in the flashing, for example, solves the problem. It is simple, quick, and cost-effective. That same crack, left unsealed, has allowed water and moisture to seep into the insulation. In a matter of a few months, the insulation is moldy and unhealthy, which effects the air quality in the home.

Insects, small birds, rodents and squirrels will enter a home via cracks in the roof, or squeeze in to spaces left by missing shingles. Once inside, t…