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When to Have the Roof Repaired

Although the roof is the most essential component of the house for safety and protection the elements, it is often the most neglected part. Homeowners typically do not give it a second thought until something major happens. Waiting until that point may prove to be labor intensive and expensive. It is better to make minor repairs than wait too long.

Other Reasons for Minor Repairs

In addition to saving money, contacting an Arvada Roofing Contractor for minor repairs will prevent further damage to the roof, attic, insulation, and beams. Sealing a crack in the flashing, for example, solves the problem. It is simple, quick, and cost-effective. That same crack, left unsealed, has allowed water and moisture to seep into the insulation. In a matter of a few months, the insulation is moldy and unhealthy, which effects the air quality in the home.

Insects, small birds, rodents and squirrels will enter a home via cracks in the roof, or squeeze in to spaces left by missing shingles. Once inside, they have access to the walls, the wiring, and eventually the entire house. At first, they will not be noticed. By the time they are noticed, through noises, smells, or droppings, the number has grown and some have died inside the walls.

Signs a Roof Needs Repair

An annual inspection by experienced Arvada roofers is an excellent way to know if any repairs are needed, and to prolong the life of the roof. There are a few signs that should prompt homeowners to contact an Arvada Roofing company that specializes in repairs. Moss growing on the roof may be a sign of trapped moisture and needs to be checked. If the roof is more than twenty-years old, there are probably repairs needed.

Cracked or damaged shingles, any cracking around fixtures, or cracks in the gutters can easily turn into major repairs if not fixed immediately. Drooping or sagging noticed in the roof is another sign repairs are needed. Repairs may also be needed after a severe storm. It is possible the roof is fine, but the nominal cost of an inspection is worth the peace of mind to be sure.

Out of Sight

No homeowner intentionally ignores the roof. It is so easy to forget about it because it is barely visible in some cases. Life is hectic and many more concerns, activities, and other cares can result in pre-occupation of the mind. If you cannot remember the last time the roof was repaired or inspected, contact a company that offers free roof inspections to new customers.


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